Build New & Strenghten Existing Foundation

Regardless of experience level, if you are new to this organization, Joseph strongly recommends you to take a four consecutive week “Beginner Series” for building a new foundation or a “Fundamentals Refresher Series” to strengthen an existing foundation in healing, health and wellness. During these classes, you will begin to hear his teaching voice and learn the philosophy of how Fiacco Healing Arts promotes growth.

These classes intentionally bring concepts and exercises based in awareness, energy work, bodywork, Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation into the forefront of your practice rather than noticing their benefits as occasional pleasant occurrences. These ideas, concepts and exercises are often learned over time; however, they are all integral in developing a foundation to understand what the practice is able to deliver. With this foundation, and regardless of experience level, students are more likely to take consistent classes and truly begin to comprehend Yoga’s life potential.

We want you to know how to do the following to get the most out of your practice at Fiacco Healing Arts, and more importantly outside of the studio where your study of life continues for the majority of the week off the mat:

  • Implementing the study of Yoga as a life-science,
  • Basic energy work principles (grounding, Kosha scanning, creating & maintaing healthly permeable boundaries, setting intentions, and manifesting)
  • Breath Awareness
  • Meditation
  • Structural alignmed Yoga poses called “Asana”