Basic Class Information

Fiacco Healing Arts offers themed series and drop-in Hatha Yoga classes at 269 Pearl Street, Burlington, Vermont unless otherwise noted.  We invite students to drop in on Thursday evenings for an all level community class or to contact Joseph about other beginner or advanced class options.


  • Drop-In Classes:  $12
  • Passes:  Four consecutive weeks (at least one class per week) are reduced to $10 per class.


Wednesday BEGINNER SERIES Classes (Contact FHA Prior To Dropping In)
Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Thursday Evening All Level Community Classes (Drop-Ins Welcome)
Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Class Structure

All community Hatha Yoga movement classes use the Kripalu framework and methodology as a foundation for practice.  This framework works as a powerful tool of consistency, which includes an opening meditation (including grounding exercises and intention setting), joint and soft tissue warming exercises called Pratapana, connecting different poses together using breath known as Asana, final relaxation, Savanasana, and a closing mediation, including grounding exercises and reviewing the process of setting intentions in order prepare students to re-enter the world of practicing Yoga off the mat.

These classes are designed to help objectively view one’s habits and process of daily living.  The safe space offers the possibility not only to look within, but to see what direction is best suited for the immediate present and future.  While regular Yoga classes can be an amazing tool for growth, all students are encouraged to compliment this practice with other applicable healing modalities such as Counseling to being able to further digest what comes up during class.


1 on 1 and Trading

There are plenty of opportunities to book 1 on 1 Yoga instructional sessions as needed or on a regular basis.  1 on 1 sessions can be a very powerful tool to work with an instructor on more personal and profound levels, accessing more subtle and intuitive levels that are often not available in a community class setting, regardless of difficulty or experience.  These classes can be designed around the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the student in order to best address their needs and intentions.  These individual classes are available to all levels regardless of experience.  Depending on the needs of the instructor and student, trading may also be a powerful tool for deeper growth.


Business (Corporate, Non-Profit, etc.)

Discuss options for creating a class at your business!