The Connecting Thread

There is no requirement for students or clients of Fiacco Healing Arts to believe in any religious or spiritual practice; however, understanding energy plays an important role in healing, finding passion and meeting our potentials.

Energy Work includes many modalities and is often used in holistic and alternative healing practices.  Energy Work modalities deliver Universal energy, from an always abundant source, through the healer to the student or client.

Fiacco Healing Arts uses Energy Work as the connecting thread between all the different modalities offered.  This allows the teacher or practitioner, to become a clear channel, to deliver the most unbiased curriculum and services to the student and client.  The first step to conducting Energy Work starts with a grounded foundation, using simple breath awareness and intention setting exercises.  It creates healthy permeable boundaries and then allows directed energy to flow.

The study and use of energy  has been limited by a need for logical understanding.  It includes concepts like faith and compassion which are not fully perceivable through sight and often deemed illogical.  Energy may be more fully perceived through sites of intuition, such as the heart center.  Modern science is beginning to study these centers at Universities such as Harvard with the wisdom of eastern Buddhist monks.  With this guidance, the ways of perceiving and measuring energy are greatly changing.

Using words alone can be cumbersome and difficult to understand energy.  We invite you to Fiacco Healing Arts to seek deeper comprehension and develop awareness through feeling.