Welcome to Fiacco Healing Arts!

Early History

Fiacco Healing Arts humbly began in the fall of 2009, offering several weekly community Yoga classes at different studios and businesses located in Burlington, VT.  The mission has remained constant in complete devotion to serving  the needs of the greater Burlington, Vermont region, regardless of socioeconomic or other status.  This business has and will always look to serve the greater good of the community by obtaining more peace within each individual involved.

Through Joseph Fiacco’s personal journey of healing, employment and life experiences, he realized the direct correlation between his intentions and actions to his experienced quality of life.  Using this as a guide, it became clear that most people wanted to live, feel and love more.  The combination of this realization with difficulties in accessing healing and educational services, this business is rooted in creating more access to all in need.


As the organization steadily grew, it established the current headquarters on Pearl Street in Burlington, VT during the spring of 2011, offering daily bodywork services and Yoga classes.  Establishing headquarters in Burlington, VT was most significant in realizing the business’ intentions to evolve into a much more dynamic community healing center.  With great pleasure, Fiacco Healing Arts is now proud to include collaborators and other practitioners specializing in a broad range of services, teaching classes and leading workshops in Yoga, energy work, various bodywork/massage therapy modalities,  meditation, health and wellness.

Next Steps

  • Increase collaboration with like minded indivuduals, businesses & organizations
  • Offer regular blog posts through this website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Strengthen local, regional & international presence
  • Offer more events and retreats