Fiacco Healing Arts 269 Pearl St

Fiacco Healing Arts is dedicated to healing, finding passion and meeting potential

through supporting each individual’s educational process to better communicate and serve those in need using a multitude of safe and comfortable healing modalities and experiences based in unity, inclusiveness, non-judgment, compassion, objective observation, and un-conditionality also known as unconditional love.

FHA Community Member

Participation at Fiacco Healing Arts is based solely on the student’s comfort, interest and safety, and never related to any of the following categories:  Age, Color, Socioeconomic Status, Disability, Gender, Gender Expression, National Origin, Pregnancy, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Veteran Status, or any other aspect or trait used to discriminate.


The creation of Fiacco Healing Arts has been influenced by many practices and philosophies including to bodywork, Yoga, energy work, martial arts, chiropractic health, clinical psychology, and holistic healing.


Fiacco Healing Arts uses the above named with any other discipline or expression (not limited to health & wellness) that offers progress in healing, finding passion and meeting potential.  It is not believed nor taught that one style or means of learning is better or worse than another.


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